Research Summary

Recent fundamental studies

Hydrodynamic instabilities and the transition to turbulence: onset of 3D in fluid flows.
  • Mechanisms for the onset of large-scale 3D vortex structures in the wake (mode A instability) [Aleksyuk, Heil, JFM, 2023].
  • Mechanisms for the onset of small-scale 3D vortex structures in the wake (mode B instability) [Aleksyuk, Heil, JFM, in preparation].
  • Basic mechanisms for the growth/decay of 3D perturbations in fluid particles [Aleksyuk, Shkadov, EJMB/F, 2018; JFS, 2019].
  • Compressible flows of viscous gas: energy separation in wakes.
  • An explanation of the Eckert-Weise effect [Aleksyuk, JFM, 2021].
  • Intensification of the energy separation in the wakes [Aleksyuk, Osiptsov, IJHMT, 2018; Aleksyuk, IJHMT, 2019].
  • Flow control: generation of vortex wakes of a certain configuration.
  • Active/passive control of vortex wake configuration using reinforcement learning [in preparation].
  • Shallow water flows: Riemann problem with a discontinuous bottom.
  • Exact solver for the Riemann problem [Aleksyuk, Malakhov, Belikov, JCP, 2022].
  • The uniqueness of the Riemann problem [Aleksyuk, Belikov, JCP, 2019].
  • Recent applied studies

    I develop mathematical models and numerical methods for modelling river flows with non-uniform sediment transport. The results of this research are implemented in the software STREAM 2D (Aleksyuk, Belikov) and used by various groups to solve environmental problems, as well as in education.

    CFD software

    I use self-developed (Python, C++, MPI, OpenMP, CUDA) software to simulate compressible/incompressible viscous fluid flows, two-phase immiscible flows, flows in shallow water approximation, and to analyse the results using theory of hydrodynamic stability. Algorithms are based on finite element and finite volume methods. Calculations are carried out using supercomputers and/or graphics processing units.


    In the last 5 years, the work has been supported by 6 scientific grants and 3 contracts (connected to applied river flow simulations).

    Short CV

    2021 — Royal Society Newton International Fellow
    Department of Mathematics, University of Manchester
    2019 — 2021 Associate Professor
    2013 — 2019 Assistant Professor
    2013 PhD in Fluid Mechanics
    2009 MSc in Mechanics
    Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Lomonosov Moscow State University
    2017 —
    2015 — 2017
    part time
    Senior Researcher
    Research Fellow
    Water Problems Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences